Flight Test Safety Committee Podcast Channel – New December Episode!

I was watching 2001: A Space Odyssey the other night. Remember when HAL would not open the pod bay doors? Seems like somebody forgot to fully test that system and it got me curious about how exactly you would go about testing something like that. This month we talk to a panel of testers from Edwards AFB who are testing autonomy, autonomous vehicles and AI today – Susan Bennett

Lt Col Kristopher “WigB” Rorberg. DO 452 FLTS
Lt Col Ryan “Hal” Hefron, USAF TPS Instructor
Capt Joshua “Voodoo” Rountree, 452d FLTS RPA Pilot
1st Lt Avery Leonard, ET-CTF Deputy Chief Engineer

Direct PDF Download Link: Test and Evaluation of Autonomy for Air Platforms Technical Information Handbook

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